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I spent today carrying my Stone around campus, the cone fitting perfectly into the cup of my palm. Due to the weight of the Stone, I never forgot I was carrying it, but it wasn't ever a burden. In carrying the Stone around with me, an interesting phenomena emerged--I interacted with the interior memories even without the device plugged into a computer and the files pulled up. I knew what I had included in the object and so the physical object around the flash drive became a memory-reference to the memory-references. All day long, I walk around in a state of remembrance and reflection. The object, though relatively unobtrusive (just a small, gray cone), attracted a good deal of attention as I sat in classes, bought coffee and ate lunch. People want to know what it is all about, what I've included inside, and are more than happy to engage in a conversation about what they would set to remember and the circumstances in which they would cut the cord.

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