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Open Questions and Challenges

One of the questions which should be addressed in later iterations of our design is, what happens to the written experience once the healing process has concluded. Does the device reprint the experience as redacted by the user or does the device destroy the written input? Another question we had was, should the curating process be only subtractive or could the user be allowed to add to the memory of the experience. The current state of the concept is purely subtractive with pruning as the ritual for eliminating parts of a memory. 

The biggest challenge to this design is technical. If we were to pursue a working product from this concept it would prove difficult to implement some of its features such as visual recognition of handwritten input to computer text and projection mapping unto the leaves of a tree. There may be other embodiments of this concept that could prove easier to implement such as, instead of written input, the user could type their experience in an app that would connect to the device. The tree could also be replaced by some sort of connected block system on a wall that could be modified by the user. In fact, we could create a virtual tree that the user could interact with via motion controls. This would allow more control over aspects such as the growth rate of the tree that could prove more expressive of the state of the user at the cost of losing the physical interaction. 

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