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We found it challenging to integrate our technology as seamlessly and as functionally as we would have liked to have it. Projection can be done so many different ways and we chose to do it in a very straightforward, no edits, kind of way. One of the members in our group wanted to use a leap motion but with the time we had available we didn't know how feasible it would be and we also didn't know exactly how the interaction would happen. We sort of hacked two concepts together (the processing code and the tree idea) without having enough thought behind how the ritual could work in a non-futuristic scenario. The projection was a limited display of the types of interaction that could be possible with this tree. Given we got a little caught up in the details of how the tree display would look, we had trouble melding the experience of the analog and the digital. Going forward, if we could identify which piece of technology could help us get closest to our ideals and we spent time doing this first, it could help push out a stronger, more integrated concept.

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