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The idea behind this project is to "forget" somebody from your social media/phone space.  Currently, in this world, there is no way to completely remove all traces of someone from your live no matter how much you may want to, especially in the event of an unhealthy relationship.  Therefore, we made this project to picture if this is true and what it would be like.  We made this project to demonstrate how a "smart" forgetting trash could remove traces of unwanted people from your environment.  

This project was also made to spark conversations around the idea of forgetting and how this can be accomplished in our world today.  We wanted people to think about a world where this is true.  The trash can goes through deleting the person and showing fire to give them a sense of relief and catharsis in letting go.  We intended for the project and the process of permanently forgetting someone to not be taken lightly and to only be used in cases of extreme emotional distress.

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