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Open Questions and Challenges

We would like to ask if a "smart" trash can like this can actually be created that uses facial recognition and interaction patterns to determine people linked to you, and if you can ask it to forget people, or delete all photos, unfriend from everywhere, block, remove contact information, send in requests for photos to be taken down by the original poster, etc. It could be feasible if you grant it the right permissions, such as the ability to speak for you, like in the prop video we watched in class.  Additionally, we wanted to question the "right" to forget and why if people are going through extreme distress they can't just delete that person from their lives thanks to digital traces and social media.  What would the world be like if we could forget and remove the harmful people from our lives?  Would permanently forgetting someone cause relief?

We faced quite a few challenges in making this video and prototype.  We had quite difficulty in getting pepper's ghost to work and look nice as well as in video editing since Kristie spent 3 hours attempting to export our video.  Through these challenges, we learned that peppers ghost isn't a very good option for manufacturing this object unless you have specific machinery for it.  

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