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See video of our project up top by clicking on the link to Vimeo.

Materials Used:

- Acrylic

- Foam

- Electric tape

- Ipad

- Particle

- Neopixel LED strip

- Wires

Software Used:

- Audacity for audio recording

- Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing

- Particle Web IDE for code

We created an experience prototype. Unfortunately, it cannot actually delete traces of people, we'd be rich if we could do that, but we created a "pepper's ghost" type of projection to simulate Kristie being forgotten. We created a black trash can that could project images using project and appear to be on fire when forgetting a person.  We decided on a sleek projection method, a sleek style of trash can, and a black trash can to fit into the surroundings as an everyday object that could be anywhere.  See code below for the fire effect:

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