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Materialization of Memory

In this case study, I am looking into Refik Anadol’s project “Melting Memories”, and this project explores human memories from both an artistic and technology perspectives. Even though strictly speaking, the project is not about helping people forget their past, and it’s more about materializing one’s brain activities (so-called memories) into a dynamic morphing forms. When watching this beautiful piece of art installation, I still strongly feel that see our own memory melting and shape shifting is a very poetic approach for forgetting. This small case study lets us to think more about the significant role of materialization in terms of letting go a piece of memory.  It prompts us to think why a form is important as we appreciate our memory.

Even though the above mentioned project does not take a metaphor approach to materialize one's memory, but it sill inspired us to go that approach. We realize that ritual plays a very special part in this experience, therefore how to create a ritual without limiting ourselves with a physical form becomes the key to success. Then we all believe virtual reality, which allows us to go beyond reality but also have a believable quality, can solve this problem.

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