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To make the trash can appear more special, we wanted to use projection technology, however, there were many iterations done.  We first had the idea to project the images inside of the trash can- on an inside wall. We then had an iteration where we would just project what we wanted onto the outside of the trash can using a projector since we were having difficulty with reflecting correctly.   Eventually, we decided on pepper's ghost since it was more sleek and allowed the trash can to be a standalone object.  Pepper's ghost works by tilting acrylic at an angle to project a video that's playing at a different angle. See the video below to see us practicing it (click full screen to see it). 

 To use pepper's ghost, we animated a video of the trash can. We first created pictures of an app trash can as well as gathered traces of pictures of me and Cassie together as well as making fake accounts, so I could follow Cassie. See pictures below for trash can animations and some sample pictures we used in the project.  

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