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Although the octopus design was captivating on the surface, I could foresee logistical problems.

Potential Issues

  • Structural Integrity
  • Lever Arm Torque
  • Ergonomic Grip
Since this was more of an organic design, I knew it would be more difficult to use a 3D slicer. My biggest worry was the structural integrity of the tentacles, especially using the clay. With this in mind, I made sure to make a bigger base than depicted above. As for the second point, I didn't want the tentacles to be too long because you would have to apply more force to the lever arm in order to open your door/cabinet. Lastly, the suckers would not be as comfortable to place your fingers on in comparison to indentations. I figured this was a small sacrifice because the amount of time your hand is on this product is minimal. Your hand would not need to fit completely comfortably because your placement is temporary unlike when you operate a power/hand tool.

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