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The criteria for the project was to create a handle for a product. After much deliberation, I decided to create a handle for my drawer because I felt that the current handle was too small, and not stylish enough. I stayed in Spain over the winter for about two weeks, and over there the drawer I was using had circles on the end. I very much liked the design, as I thought the design was classy and more sophisticated.

The first step of my design process including sketching out the design of the model. I realized that the shape I desired closely matched the design of brass knuckles. I looked up different types of brass knuckles and used their shape as the top of my design. I then incorporated a flat back rim to allow the handle to be attached to the front of the drawer. 

Once the top view was drawn, I followed up and drew the isometric view of both the handle by itself and the handle attached to a cabinet.

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