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The goal of this project is to create a library with stories of people's lives in a digital format. An AI would gather data about the person and suggest particular events that might be important. The person themself would add to their memorial either manually or from suggestions, making a curated memorial of  that person. Journal entries, to-do lists, photos, and videos would be the most likely to be marked as important data by the AI, and the curator can add titles, dates, and descriptions if they so choose. The people wanting to view another person's data would be subjected to a face scan and would be able to access relevant public profiles (friends, family, celebrities), and would be given an RFID chip to activate the leap motion screen with the chosen data. If a person was wanting to keep to themselves, they could restrict their database to only a few people. The screen would also search all data if given a search term like a date or keyword. A librarian may be able to help with this sheer amount of data sorting.

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