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Describe your experience/working prototype: What did you create, how, etc.? What tools and technologies were involved? Include appropriate content and illustration (e.g. a concept video, a video of the device in operation, diagrams, code, etc.)

Materials Used:

- Black and Clear Acrylic

- Wood

- Glue 

- Particle

- LEDs

- RFID Tag Reader

- Wires

- Leap Motion (attempted)

We created an interactive scale model of our digital memorial (see two photos below).  This prototype was made to fit into the current existing Carnegie East Liberty Library.  It is programmed with a RFID tag that will turn lights on gradually based on a person walking through (see code and video below).  Additionally, we made a sample of what the digital memorial would be like using Cassie Alsept (see video of that below).

Link to website prototype source files (see below for video demo):

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