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Describe how you arrived out the outcome. What iterations, refinements, design decisions and changes were made?

We used the experience map exercise to guide our intuitions and thoughts behind how to design this memorial (seen below).  This map helped us decide how we wanted our design ideally to look and how the individual would interact with it.  We changed the plan slightly since the original design of having a cross-shaped design for the rooms with the the screens to view a person's life was not space friendly.  As mentioned above, we wanted our project to take up as little space as possible.  From there, we then brainstormed where this technology would make sense existing and that allowed for the maximum amount of people to view it.  We eventually decided to use libraries as they are already a source of information, exist everywhere, thus conveniently located for most people to go, and already have systems in place for sorting information. 

The next step in our project was to decide which library to start with for implementing it.  We decided to use a local Pittsburgh library, so most of the class would have at least some familiarity with the space.  We decided specifically to use the Carnegie East Liberty Library since it had a floor plan available online.  From there, we edited the existing floor plan to fit in our project idea (see photo below).  From there, we decided to make a 1/32'' model of the space since that would be easily viewable from the table (see third photo below for dimensions and laser-cutting files).

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