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Our project pivots around two main ideas. When we were brainstorming we had these two central themes, as well as the brief, in mind.

We wanted to create a dynamic memorial. Typical memorials are quite static as they only show one perspective about a person or situation which typically has many different facets. For example, the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC shows one side of Lincoln. We realized the idea: ‘there are many different sides to people, experiences, and things’, needed to be included in our memorial.

Furthermore, we wanted our memorial to address and represent diverse narratives. As time passes, new information is exposed and cultural values shift, sometimes creating disconnects between a memorial's original message and representation and modern-day perceptions. There will always be a need to incorporate perspectives that were either recently developed or previously marginalized. Only in addressing this issue can a memorial reflect and honor the multiple truths and complex histories of national subjects.

These themes set a precedent for what we began to create and heavily influenced our design. They also serve as the ‘why’ for our project. We chose to utilize the technology of the hologram because it seamlessly portrays many different facets of a situation whilst remaining as a whole object. The use of the hologram also allows for changing narratives as our design is easily updatable.

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