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Prior works which have influenced our project include the Funeral Holograms, by AIM Holographics, which is a service providing interactive 3-D renderings of the deceased as a form of memorial. Individuals are able to record a self-eulogy, thus taking control of their digital legacy and how they wish to remembered after passing. Through this holographic medium, people are able to preserve a life-like snapshot of their current selves. It raises questions of how the memory of someone may evolve over time while their digitally-represented self remains frozen in time. In a similar sense, our project sought to utilize a hologram in order to store a snapshot of a person’s life, commemorating their identity and memories at a certain point in their college experience.

Drawing from this critical lens of using technology as an extension of one’s own self, our hologram serves as an immersive visualization of a particular stage in a person’s life, recreating their past experiences and identity. We wanted to investigate further into the idea of extending your digital legacy beyond the scope of a private space but also into the publish sphere. This notion of curating components of your digital self was integrated within our project with visitors selecting their own legacy components to display on the Alumni Wall.

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