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We initially approached the project in a very practical means by thinking more about what physical object(s) we could realistically build. Instead, what we would do differently is start with the bigger ideas, issues, and questions we want to raise and explore, and then decide how to physically and digitally manifest, or show, them. Deciding to build a hologram memorial and then trying to figure out what issues and questions to tie it to was not only a more difficult approach, but it also made it feel like we were trying to forcefully connect concepts rather than following a natural development of ideas.

Another aspect of our project that we could approach differently is the more meaningful incorporation and thoughtful intent on the location and space in which our memorial would be placed. Making technological or digital interactions more intuitive by creating features and with thoughtful design can invite people to behave and act in the way that that particular digital object or space intends to provoke. In other words, giving more thought into where the memorial would be located and how its design could intuitively let people know how to interact with them could have allowed for the project to be more fully developed. 

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