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Describe your experience/working prototype: What did you create, how, etc.? What tools and technologies were involved? Include appropriate content and illustration (e.g. a concept video, a video of the device in operation, diagrams, code, etc.)

        The prototype is meant to represent the concept of an accessible pavement module in a distributed space, our focus was on the pavement slabs in a connected environment, so the prototype was meant to represent this through the green acrylic design. It reflects how we expect the pavement modules to stand out in an environment, with a unique color, and a design on the surface which would subtly hint at its purpose in practice. A scale model prototype representing a typical interaction was also created, with the expectation that purpose of the memorial could be better expressed in a depiction of the urban context the memorial modules would be implemented.

          For the functional design of the pavement prototype, we wanted to get across its  connected nature. Our concept focuses on audio representations of the homelessness in response to an app or physical contact. In the prototype, this is reflected by the playing  of audio  containing the experiences of a homeless individual, in response to contact with an rfid tag. This reflects the manner we would expect their equivalent modules to behave in the 2029 San Francisco we imagine.

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