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Describe how you arrived out the outcome. What iterations, refinements, design decisions and changes were made? 

     The idea of a distributed memorial seemed to be the first coherent idea that we had as a group. The purpose of a memorial is to create contemplative reflection concerning a topic of reverential concern. Our project focuses on the nature of a societal memorial, whose purpose is to inspire reflection on a collective level. The thought of a collective experience for a memorial made us consider that perhaps a memorial for this purpose should not necessarily be located in a singular location, but should also have distributed extensions throughout an area for the purpose of recollection. 

         These considerations became the skeleton which we would use as an application to the idea of a memorial for homelessness in San Francisco. A distributed memorial in a large region like San Francisco seemed like the ideal because it reflects a 1-to-1 relationship between the distribution represented by the memorial, and the "former" problem of homelessness we imagined for the San Francisco of the future.


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