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Reflect on making this project. What did you learn? What would you do differently? Did you get where you wanted to? If not, why not? What do you need to get there, etc?

        From the perspective of our project topic, we learned more about the importance of grounding in physical projects. We had to think deeply about circumstances which could lead to the near future world, while also remembering that these circumstances must not be so unlikely, that the context of our project is not relatable to a modern audience. To inspire serious thought about the future as a projection, the set of circumstances leading to that imagined future have to be grounded in the boundaries of the present. 

        On making the project as a team, we learned that coordination and synthesis of ideas is especially important.  We also learned that the operation of a team also requires an understanding of the team's purpose from the beginning of the project. As the evolution of the project occurs, it is important for every team member to take the initiative necessary to understand what they need to do at every pivot that the project takes.  We consistently produced a number of different ideas, but managed to find a trajectory at the critical moment, before a point of no recovery. 

     The project accurately represents what we wanted to depict about the distributed memorial that was initially imagined; as far as our demo is concerned, a louder source of audio would have been better for portraying the interactions we conceptualized in the memorials to the homeless of 2029 San Francisco.

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