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   After meeting with the class, and reflecting on the project idea, we made a number of significant changes. The focus on the project would have to be a form of feasible memorial, with a construction that we can project to 2029. We had to come up with a realistic impetus for its construction, and a grounded focus for the design of the modules. This is what led us to focus on pavement squares as the center of the design. The pavement squares would retain the design aspect of digital responsiveness from the older module idea, with the ability to react to phone apps or direct contact by pedestrians.

         In the projected future,  it seems to make sense that a form of directed tourism would probably exist to lead curious individuals through the lives represented by the pavement memorials, and to the homes they may have once lived in. We focused on the projection of gentrification into more extreme proportion in future San Francisco. Our projection timeline imagined that the crisis of homelessness reached such a significant level that big companies, like AirBnB, who may have exacerbated the housing crisis in San Francisco, would step in to find lasting & permanent solutions for the issue.

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