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After, we had the files ready, we laser cut them.  We decided to use wood since it's the least expensive material.  We also wanted the kiosk to be made out of acrylic, so it stood out more and looked more sleek.  From there, it was a matter of gluing the model together (see photos below).  We also wanted to paint the wall we were adding a different color, so it stood out more and was easily distinguishable.  We also painted little mini books on the book shelf (see second photo below).  

The final part of the project was adding the RFID and lights.  We went back and forth between whether or not to add it to our project; however, we decided to ultimately add it as it made the model more interactive and demonstrated how and where the RFID reader would be as well as the lights that gradually turn on.  Additionally, Cassie gathered information, photos, videos, and fake journal entries about her live that were made into a website (see video above for demo of that).  This website was supposed to be linked with leap motion, so as to demo the actual room; however, we couldn't get the two to work together.

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