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Scenario description: Wakeye is designed for people who wake up at night and struggle for a light towards bathroom. The rug by the bed is embedded with a force sensor. When wakers' feet fall on the rug, the lights will lit up. And when people come back and their feet step on the rug again, the lights will fade off. The photoresistor will decide how many lights on and how much brightness they should be, according to the ambient brightness. For example, at 1 am, the room is very dark, the lights should be very bright, so three bulbs will lit up one by one, rather than all of them lit up suddenly.

Therefore, people will not worry about where is the buttons for the light when they wake up at night with blurred mind. And their eyes will not get hurt by the sudden brightness. This is a human centered design.

Material used:

● Spark Microcontroller

● Breadboard

● Jumper Wires

● Two 1kΩ Resistor

● Three single color LED (Light Emitting Diode)

● Three 10kΩ Resistor

● A photoresistor

● A forceresistor


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