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In the end, I decided to go with the more geometric form and make it out of wood to make the form more approachable. I considered other materials such as concrete and silicone. However, I chose to not use concrete because it was not approachable and I felt that people would feel uncomfortable having concrete so close to the electronics. I also was thinking of silicone but since that material can get dusty and can squish the electronics inside since the material is squishable. I tested out the form using paper and then transitioned over to wood. However, I dimensioned the box to be too small and so the electronics were not able to fit inside. 

I also decided to go with the more geometric form because when I CADed the rounder forms, the electronics were flat which meant that it would stick out of the form. I started to CAD out the different shapes but realized that it would not work. 

Also, the geometric shape helped convey the idea of tapping the front of the robot to view the weather. 

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