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The second iteration of our project improved upon the areas noted from our first iteration. The major change to the web page was that it now included a statistic on the 'last owner interaction' with a value upwards of 25 days. The goal behind this was to put the potential diminishing in pet-owner relationship clearly in the app. We overcame our pedestal manufacturing difficulties from the first iteration. We were able to re-design, laser cut, and paint it white such that it blended with the exhibit's aesthetic. Because of this we were then able to fully assemble our collar and successfully hide bulky electronics in the pedestal. We also designed the pedestal such that it was able to hide a large, short-throw projector inside as well. This was used to project the auto-looping testimonial slideshow (

The site can be found at here ( Its content is generated with embedded ruby, and was hosted on a python SimpleHTTPServer for the show from a laptop. It has some static content, an embedded map, a gif created from a YouTube video (, referenced in code as well). The interactive part of the app are the buttons on the tricks page. These will post events to the Particle Cloud, which the dog collar particle subscribes to and plays various pre-recorded voice snippets. There are three available tricks, all with three voice tones each.

The exhibit printouts (posters & placards) can be found here (

The media from our second iteration can be found under this section.

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