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Step 2: Mechanism Research

Key Mechanical Design Decisions include:

1.) Design an outer shell, dispensing mechanism and mechanism to hold a spice bottle in place, all integrated into one piece

1a.) Design should accommodate spice bottles of different sizes without having to move the spice into a different container first

1b.) Achieve relatively accurate volumetric output of 1 or ½ teaspoons of spice per use

2.) Shelves to raise the dispensers above the shelf and allow for space for a spoon to catch the spice

For 1a.)
An iris mechanism would means that we can adjust for different diameter bottles. Since most spice bottles are plastic and lightweight, this mechanism could hold up the container adequately. Other ideas, including using rubber bands to fasten bottles into a pocketed lid, or just letting the bottle rest without secure grips were also considered.

For the iris mechanism:

The average dimensions of a spice container are 2’’ in diameter according to Vertical Spice (  

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