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The Scenario

I have an Epipremnum plant sitting in my window, which is often open during the winter because my apartment is too warm. The plant needs sunlight, but it also needs to be in a temperature range of 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit in order to stay healthy.

The Project

I decided to create a sensor that would tell me, at a quick glance, whether or not my plant was in the right temperature range. With red and green LEDs, I programmed the Spark core to light the green LED when the temperature is within 65-80 degrees, and to light the red LED when the temperature is outside that range. I also set up the temperature as a cloud variable so I could keep track of it when I'm not at home.

Additionally, I wanted to be able to monitor the sunlight amount the plant is receiving. I installed a photoresistor and set it up as a cloud variable in order to remotely monitor whether or not the plant is receiving enough sunlight.

Materials Used

Spark Core

Extended Breadboard

Green LED


Two 1000 Ohm resistors

One 10000 Ohm resistor

One Photoresistor

One TMP36 Temperature Sensor

One 10nF capacitor


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