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This gadget is designed to alert homeowners when someone is trying to break into their home. It achieves this through placing two sensors on the doorknob, sensing human touch in two different ways, and therefore ensuring more reliable burglar detection.

When the system is activated, the force sensitive resistor can sense pressure from the hand coming into contact with the knob. The temperature sensor will also sense if the temperature rises on the doorknob and is set to a threshold to only react to human skin. If either of these sensors reaches their limit, the system will turn on the lights in the home to wake up and alert the homeowners. If the robber sees the lights turn on in the house (regardless of whether the owner is home), there is a 91% chance they will be scared away.

Looking forward....
The system would be comprised of a high-decibel alarm in addition to the visual alert in order to wake up the homeowner, inform the homeowner of invasion, and potentially scare away the criminal. It would also connect to the phone lines to call 911 and ask for a return call to the residence, and automatically send a text message to the homeowner in case they are not present during invasion.

Project Documentation:
1) photo of working circuit
2) code
3) screenshot of variable feedback
4) video of working system

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