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The administrative manual was drafted as a technical manual for the AuraPen. This was the version written for administrators of schools - it is much longer than the student manual and goes in-depth about administrative setup and alerting systems. It is often referred to as the “complete” AuraPen Manual, as the student version omitted many important parts crucial to understanding the AuraPen data collection process.

The student manual was drafted as a user guide - like a pamphlet for the AuraPen. Intended for student use, this manual only provides general information- omitting more technical sections that may have worried students. The manual is more stylized and informal than the administrator manual.

The permission slip that parents signed at the beginning of the school year was an agreement to let AuraPen collect and use the information of the minor students involved in order to improve the AuraPen design. It is legally required for parents to sign this slip before students use the AuraPen as to not violate a students' FERPA rights.

The report card was a daily reminder of a studentʼs work at school. It monitored how much the student was paying attention in class, their truancy, social skills and friendships, risks and alerts, and other grouping factors that the AuraPen had placed the student into.

The administrative video was shown to school personnel during the AuraPen setup process in the AuraPen Setup Program, and was accessible for later viewing from the AuraPen Monitoring System(AMS). This video gives a short overview of what administrators may see during an average day of looking through the AMS data, from looking at class data to an alert popping up.

The prototype AuraPens were issued to every student, much like a textbook, and were kept by the student for one year. The AuraPen was a smart tablet pen that monitored habits, socialization, heart rate, stress levels, and more. It was designed to help students decrease their stress and better understand mental wellness.

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