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The AuraPen started its journey as something completely different. My team knew we wanted to look at the school environment, so we started developing the idea of an "Aura KidCone" which would allow for the safe travel of a child to school without parental supervision.

Once the idea was scrapped in favor of something set in a school instead, my team came up with three separate ideas- a pen that tracked writing and truancy, a chair that tracked fidgeting, and a table structure that tracked social interactions. 

However, the amount of work it would take to create three objects and supporting objects and papers for them would have been too much to complete in the timeframe we had- so we compressed all three objects' functions into the pen idea.

The pen idea, however, switched back and forth between a tablet case and the pen for a while before the pen was settled on. 

Once the AuraPen was secured as a pen, it was smooth sailing with no other fundamental changes. 

Design wise, the initial logo for the AuraPen administrative manual was changed, and the pen changed looks a few times.

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