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Reflection and Feedback

Reflecting on the project, it would have been nice if we had decided what we wanted to do earlier- as we were most often behind the other groups. It would have also been nice to have a bit more time to perfect things such as the manuals and the video. Other than those minor things, this project was relatively straightforward.

There were two main places that feedback came from: our Exchange Installation, and the Meeting of the Minds. 

The people at the Exchange Installation most often gave their feedback on their interest in the presentation style and the choice of artifacts, and their interest in, and desire for, a more complete story of the AuraPen and of Aura's emergence into smart school technology.

The people at the Meeting of the Minds most often gave their feedback on their interest in the overall concept (as Aura had to be explained), the additional methods for data collection, including GPS and experience sampling, and whether a school’s grading system as a whole is flawed and whether or not it should be foregone in the future.

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