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What is it?

I went with a large-scaled representation of the needle toy that makes an imprint of a hand or whatever object is put into it. This machine or "toy" can react to any amplitude type data, and thus it can react to sound and pressure spikes.

The machine uses two user aspects: conversation and movement. The conversation piece uses Google Home and Google Duplex (an advanced, conversational AI) to have users have a conversation with this amazing new AI system. As the user speaks, the top bridge’s bed of “needles” moves in waves by the amplitudes of the user’s responses. The pressure motion piece is attached to the street below. As the public walks or drives over the sensors, the initial contacts (so each step or car) are recorded, and based on the pressure the “needles” move into the bottom bridge installation.

The installation will be located on both floors of the bridge. It will be in plexiglass, so it is visible to the people walking over it and the public. The Google Home and Duplex setup will be on one side of the top part of the bridge, and the pressure sensors for the public interaction will be installed under the length of the bridge.

The idea of the project was to use a mechanical system of some sort to represent human motion and senses in some manner. I initially wanted to have motion from amplitude waves from a yelling or some child-like voice interaction. My idea was generated from those speakers that have lights and liquid fountains that react to the music being played. I then wanted some type of touch feature as well that interacted in a similar amplitude-like function as the voice. This brought me to the needle toy that makes the imprint of one’s hand or body part when you place it in it. 

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