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How does it fulfill the requirements?

First of all, I think the idea of motion and interacting with motion is joyous to anyone no matter the age. My system allows for both the employees at Google and the public to have this joy if they care to interact or pay attention to it.

Employees can play around with the AI, and see the astounding new conversation skills programmed by their own company. Thus, they can take a break from their work, while testing the capabilities of the company’s new Google Duplex.

However, if employees or the public don’t want to interact with the system, the experience can be non-intrusive. The public can walk around or ignore the installation all together, and the Google employees can simply just walk over the installation and decide to not talk to the Google Home and Duplex product at all. 

Thus, the project passively interacts with its environment as the data interacts with the mechanical system, but can be simply be stepped over. Therefore, it won’t be intrusive to those in a hurry.

I also wanted to have some symbolism of gentrification and community impacts within the installation. I think this was accomplished by having the public interact with the “toy” as well, so it isn’t just Google who can have fun with the installation. I think this starts to bridge the gap between the surrounding community and Google. This is merely an artist's interpretation, but it could be a thoughtful impact included in the design.

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