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What are the user experiences?

There are 4 main user experiences: employee voice interaction, public motion creation, employee motion observation, and public motion observation.

Employees can either interact or view the system from inside the bridge. They can create their own motion by having a conversation with Google Duplex that is connected to a Google Home next to the one entrance on the top bridge. Their responses create the wave motions within the installation. Employees can see motion from either the top of bottom side of the bridge. The top motions are waves, and the bottom motions are spikes from the public.

Public interaction or observation is solely based on the exterior of the bridge since they don’t have access to the inside of the building. That’s why I liked the idea of the plexiglass surrounding the mechanical system as it is transparent to the public and employees, but seamlessly becomes a floor that doesn’t seem “out of place”. Thus, public viewers can see the motion from up close or from a distance away. It is also unique since the public can interact due to the pressure sensors outside the bridge. And since the public can interact with the installation, hopefully that makes them enjoy the art as well.

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