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*To preface this, I realized that the price for the installation is extravagant, but I wanted to do something I couldn't feasibly create for this first project. I wanted something "over the top"since the next projects have to be more tangible.

Bill of Materials

1. Google Home with Google Duplex on It

There will be one Google Home on the top level of the installation for voice sensing and AI communication with the user. Google Home is listed at about $70.00 to $85.00, however since it is Google property, it shouldn’t be a major cost to the company. This applies to the Google Duplex AI communication as well.

2. Pressure Sensors

Most pressure sensors are around $12.00 each. I assumed that there would be approximately 150 sensors so the price is approximately $1,800.

3. Plexiglass

I found the retail price of Plexiglass to be about $389.09 per cubic foot. I assumed the total cubic space we need is about 81.67 cubic feet. Thus, the Plexiglass cost becomes approximately $31,775.70.

4. “Needles” or Metal Rods

I assumed the needles to be stainless steel rods 303 that are a 0.5” in diameter. I approximated we needed 82505 rods. Thus, if the price per one 3 ft rod is $4.68, the total price is about $38,613.40.

5. Pistons for Mechanical System

I found the price per a pneumatic piston is about $170.00. If we use one piston per rod, the price for the system is about $14,025,850 which becomes the most expensive physical part of the system.

6. Labor

Labor is a tricky cost. Typical laborers get paid around $18 per hour while more skilled workers can get paid up to $45 per hour. Let’s say the installation takes a month. That’s 4 weeks of about 10 unskilled laborers, 5 skilled laborers, and a manger installing the project. Using the worst case possible, this can cost can become $72,000 without overtime considered for only a month.

7. Materials for Structural Support and Replacement

If you have to replace parts or even sections of the bridge for the project, the material for supports, steel, concrete, and other finishing materials can add a significant cost to the project. With everything, I would say costs can add up to approximately $500,000 to $1,000,000 of just material. 

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