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The process will begin by selecting the top travel destinations googled by the East Liberty residents. Google Flights algorithm will take the existing flight data pertaining to those destinations (departing from Pittsburgh International Airport) and filter out the following dataset: price per airline, the number of people that will be visiting the destination at that time (predicted from the previous years’ dataset), and the chance of delay/cancellation (also predicted using the data from the previous years. Will most likely depend on the weather condition of either cities). They will be then translated into three different sets of uniformly moving curves that will be displayed on the glass LED on either side of the bridge. The length of the curves will be equivalent to the total span of the bridge and also to the time span of the dataset which is a year-long. The curves will be made distinguishable by the colors taken from the flag of the country where the arriving airport is.

The second set of data will consist of people’s movement from the inside. When someone from inside the bridge gets close enough to the display, the part of the curve right in front of the person will start contracting to show them a wider range of flight data from a narrower point of view. 

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