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I was initially inspired by the rich history of the building before Google moved in. I did some research and discovered that it used to be the old Nabisco cookie factory and made basically every well-known cookie still hugely popular in the market, from nilla to Oreos to Chips Ahoy. I thought a way to connect the past to the future of the building and Google's occupancy would be to create a whimsical installation in the sky bridge connecting the two buildings. I wanted to create and experience where those within the bridge and have a connecting to those on the street level. 

Set against the projection of the sky above, pieces of cookie float in and out of the clouds. Within the sky bridge, it will be projected on the to ground, prompting those walking through the bridge to stop momentarily to step on the cookies, revealing a fun historical fact. At the same time, the cookie will disappear and "fall" through to the floor below indicated by a light streak on the side LED panel. As the cookie keeps falling, it will finally be projected down to the street level. 

Conversely, there is also a way for those on the street level to then reverse the actions. People can look up at the underside of the bridge and wave at the cookies and reveal historical facts that way. 

The installation hopes to create a way for people to interact with each other in a passive way, no matter what level they are on. 

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