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This walkway is an interactive system that give pedestrians on the street level the ability to interact with google employees who are walking through the sky bridge. This projects envisions the sky bridge to have a translucent floor that is open to underneath the bridge. Underneath the translucent layer is a layer that manipulates / project lights depending on the two inputs: pressure of someone standing on the translucent floor and where a laser is pointed.

This creates a Joyous experience for the Google employees walking through the bridge because in the event that a pedestrian does choose to interact with the installation, a new relationship between the employee and pedestrian will be formed. Although employees aren't forced to interact with this installation, it's something that will always be available for employees to interact with. Even if there aren't pedestrians interacting with the installation, it still functions. It shows, to the pedestrians below, how much traffic goes through the bridge, and for the employees, it's a fun interactive light show.

The project bases its idea on the assumption that even a small bit of information, like how much traffic a bridge has over the course of the day, draws questions from pedestrians, such as: "why is the bridge getting so little/much traffic?", "what is happening in the rest of the building?". These questions are 'leading questions' that are supposed to get pedestrians on the street to become more involved in their environments.

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