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The third installation is a changing rain projection. The rain is projected when the humidity rises above the yearly average Palo Alto humidity, and the rain intensity is based on how much higher the humidity is than the average. Moisture content of air is a huge part of nature, and relatively never seen or felt unless in humid, wet climates. The team thought this to be especially important for Palo Alto as the climate is typically dry and desert-like. Humidity changes aren’t really felt, and the lack of rain can make it always feel dry. Thus, having an installation that makes the client experience humidity visually is crucial. Like the fireflies, this installation can be placed almost anywhere. It never felt like a solidified area needed this piece. However, the team thought it should be placed in the open gravel area with the trees and bushes. The installation could be more open and realistic if it was projected into a “freer” space.

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