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  1. Interfacing multiple Argon devices onto the same platform. Having multiple boards on the same platform required constant check on which code was uploaded onto which board.

  2. Wifi (CMU-DEVICE) posed to be an issue.

  3. Powering up a fan from a digital pin of Argon. The 5V fan required 0.2A of current to run but the Argon digital pin only provided 3.3V and 0.1A. Using JFETS and MOSFETS proved inefficient as they couldn't help power up the fan.

  4. Too many connections required constant care and checking.


Thus, ReminiScents, a social object was created to trigger man’s most powerful yet underused sense, smell. This personal device helps fill up the ever present void left by your loved one by dispersing scent into your room, creating a feeling of their presence right near you. The gesture based system which only worked when called upon can be suitably setup at homes and work stations. Now, with ReminiScents, your loved ones are more closer than ever.

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