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Originally, when we came up with this idea, we wanted to create a device that would detect if some pressed down on the watch and then we would use a motor to tighten the watch. However, we soon migrated to the idea of vibration as it is an effective way to deliver a message through touch. In our first iteration, we planned on getting buying a kid's watch and then attach a force sensor and vibrating motor to. Throughout the project, our biggest struggle was actually getting the Particle boards to an interface on the cloud. We went through many iterations of the code and wiring, in order to actually test our device. After failing to interface the boards, our first major change was to design the system to first just work on the only one Particleboard. Once we got the code to work on one device we had to iterate and get it to work on multiple. We ended up spending about 9 hours trying to interface the boards. Once we actually got the boards to connect however, the moment the boards connected, the watches worked as desired. For improvements, we would like to use a portable coin battery and somehow program a microcontroller to imbue the Particle in the watch itself.

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