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We sought out to create a way to communicate with those you have a competitive relationship with, over long distances. 


A little friendly competition never hurt anyone. Our solution is to have two buttons. The goal is to keep the button in the off position where it is pushed down. When a person presses their button down, the other person’s button pops up. The other person has to push it down and return their button to the off position as soon as possible. This lets users (friends, uber-competitive siblings, arch nemeses, etc…) stay in touch in a fun way that keeps their competitive sides alive.


How it Works:

We created an IoT device that consists of two identical buttons, button A and button B. Each button is equipped with a push sensor, solenoid, and LED. When button A is pushed, the solenoid is pulled down (which keeps the button low), the LED is turned off, and a message is published to the mesh network. Button B is subscribed to listen to button A, so when it receives a message, button B pops up with the solenoid and turns its LED on. Button A can also listen for when B is pressed. 

Bill of Parts:

  • Particle Argon
  • Resistor x 2
  • Push Button Sensor x 2
  • Solenoids x 2
  • Mosfet x 2
  • 12 V power source x 2
  • Button x 2
  • 4x4 box

Process Photos: