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The team's thought process throughout the design changed dramatically. The vessel to deliver the clouds changed a lot, even though we wanted to keep the idea of a cloud-based structure. 

The team initially was thinking of an abstract arch that proudly displayed the clouds. We wanted the structure to alter color by physically changing tension throughout the structure. However, the team deemed the arch as childish, and the physical manipulation of the structure was too hard to prototype.

The team briefly thought of hanging the cloud "boxes" or individual structures from the ceiling, but we thought the structure would be too far away from airport travelers to interact with the technology and installation. However, we transitioned the box structures from the ceiling to human head-level. This allowed direct interaction with installation, and a unique take on LED's and architecture. 

The outside of the final idea changed the most during the process. We initially wanted the outside of the structure to be a clouded acrylic box that diffused the light. However, due to material and construction constraints, the team decided to emulate the inside of the box to flow onto the outside of the box. This allowed maximum diffusion of the LED's on the outside, and acted as a "pull" to travelers to touch and look at the installation. 

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