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Visual Animation

Inspired by the stars motif on the ceiling of the niche, we selected and edited an animation of moving through an abstract field of stars. Due to the dome-shaped nature of the niche, when projected above, viewers feel as if the stars or particles are gently falling around them—creating a calm yet enthralling feeling.

Sound Composition 

Our sound composition is a combination of a cello base note, as well as several familiar sounds. The everyday sounds—a rotating fan, light friction of sand rubbing, the tapping of rain from the inside of the car, and a gentle whisper in your ear—evoke a sense of nostalgia, memories, or comfortable familiarity. 

Together, the composition aims to create a mellow, soothing, and focused feeling to listeners to help them block out the buzz of campus or to allow them to escape for a few minutes. In addition, the composition's rhythm and repetition lets listeners fall into or out of deep thought (whichever is relaxing to them). The soft cello pizzicato that occasionally joins the composition brings back a sense of awareness to listeners.

The visuals of the installation complement and are reactive to the audio composition. The pizzicato (plucked cello note) triggers a change in the speed of the animation projected on the ceiling of the niche—which adds some depth and dimension to the installation.  

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