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Interaction Overview

This audio-visual installation is designed to be situated in the Mindfulness Room on the CMU campus. In its passive state, a simple audio-reactive animation is projected along the wall, taking up a slim amount of space to blend into the physical environment.

When a user approaches the installation, they can use simple hand gestures in the air to “open up” the animation from a different angle, revealing the complex architecture of a seemingly simple media.

Installation Purpose

While the installation seems simple in its passive state, the complex architecture is revealed upon the active gesture of the user. It reflects how people have control over their unwanted thoughts. One can come to terms with the complex architecture of their thoughts during their active engagement with the installation. Shutting out unwanted thoughts can be easy as not engaging with them, just as a user can simply walk away from the installation. The installation in its passive state allows the user to return to their mindful state, through its slim use of space.  

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