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Used by park managers to view statistics of what parts of the park get the most visitors and get feedback from visitors about state of park.


Our IoT device aims to help park managers passively collect data about the state of their parks and increase their parks energy efficiency. Our group proposes to make an unobtrusive connected system of benches to lanterns to visitors’ phones. We will have smart park benches with bluetooth detection systems. These benches will have a button (or QR code, we’re still deciding) on them for people to press which indicates maintenance of some sort is required in that area of a park. The bluetooth capabilities will allow the device to approximate how many people are in what areas of a park. Based on the amount of activity and the time, lanterns can increase or decrease their brightness instead of being on full brightness at all times. Additionally, over time, park managers will be able to build a better picture of what parts of their park get more visitors and they can put more effort into improving certain parts of the park.


* Particle Argon

* LEDs

*Acrylic/Scrap Wood

*Bluetooth sensors

*Game button

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