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1. Scott is an active runner. He uses the trails to run in the evenings. To challenge himself, Scott would love to take on longer and harder trails. Thus, the lighting system indicates which trail to pursue to achieve maximum efficiency and happiness.

2. Anne is a middle-aged woman who wants a safe path to walk daily. The trail lights show her the least rugged and highly used path to show her that she will have a safe and energetic walk.

3. Micheal is an 11-year-old who uses the trail to cycle every day. He needs to know the moisture and temperature before embarking on a particular trail in order to protect himself from slipping and dirt marks.

4. Sarah has just moved into the city. She finds the trails to be an exciting part of her daily exercise but isn’t sure about how to use them properly. The routing system of the trail lights guide her to a proper destination and Sarah can now feel at home

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