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Brief Concept

The project is an immersive minimalist experience that ties together light, color, and the body. In a darkened chamber, depth perception is nearly entirely lost. The only light source is the air in the chamber, illuminated by colored bands of light that respond dynamically to auditory stimuli in real-time. It is a reductive space whose bounds are defined by light and determined by sound.


The installation is a series of hung black fabric to block light and sound and setup in a rectangular organization with projectors on the left and right of the main 10ft x 10ft x 8ft chamber. Visitors will enter through a cut in the fabric into a space filled with fog by a hidden fog machine. Colored bands of light will be projected through the fog as people move through the space. Sounds picked up by the mic will be translated via TouchDesigner script into variations in the image being projected, simulating agitation of the volumes of color. The occupant makes their way around the space and back out of the entryway.


From a distance, the installation will appear as a mysterious black box, leaking small quantities of light and fog from below and from the entrance, drawing people towards the installation. Upon entry, the occupants' senses are filtered with black cloth that is hung to isolate the box from exterior sound and light. Within the main space, the projected light is experienced as volumes of color defining space, where it feels as if the boundaries of the enclosure which you occupy are dependent upon the extent of the projected light. This perceived effect may be similar to the experience of wading waist-high in water. Verbal reactions from people in response to this lighting effect will trigger changes to the color and edge projected, showing occupants that their sounds can change the perception of the space, providing a degree of interactivity. When occupants exit the installation, their temporarily intensified senses will return to normal. 

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