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Inspiration + Concept 

As you walk down the stairs of 3577 Studios, you are immediately immersed with a feeling of intrigue and "anything goes." Industrial and artsy, the studio acts as a blank canvas to creation, curiosity, and play.

Inspired by the high ceilings and structural elements of the space, Beams of Sounds replicates the two columns in the studio. While at first glance, the piece looks like just another structure, visitors will soon realize that the column has a technological and artistic upgrade compared to its surroundings. As people approach the middle column, they will notice that 8 laser beams cut through the center of the structure, as well as the eight slices of vibrant, yet out of focus, animations projected on the wall nearby. 

Fascinated by the futuristic feeling of the laser beams, curious visitors can reach out to touch the beams. Upon contact, visitors are greeted with audio and visual feedback. Each laser beam has a corresponding sound and visual reaction—allowing visitors to explore and create their own composition of sight and sound.

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