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For this project, if we have more time to do more iterations. We are thinking about adding a couple more features in there:

1. Objector: this is a role get randomly assigned to a person in the meeting, who try to object ideas from other people almost all the time in order to incentivise more in-depth discussion. We had this feature in our early prototypes, but the result was not as good as we expected, mainly because the students reported that it can be hard to object people when you don't know each other, it can turn into a really awkward situation really fast.

2. Gamification: we are thinking about adding some more gamified features to incentivise students to use this software more often, and use this to help them track their meeting and be more efficient

3. Documentation: it would be really useful to incorportated documentation into this software directly, however, we need to do some more research among students and see what kind of needs do they have regarding to docuementaion and meetings. 

  We believe our solution will let students discuss in a joint problem-solving space during meetings, especially for problem-based courses. Which means our solution will create a more engaging meeting experience for IDeATe students and positively propel their projects forward  

Many thanks to students, professors, and staffs from CMU IDeATe, it is impossible to finish our project without their help. And thanks to the professor teaching this class (Learning Media Design) for guiding us through the process and gave us valuable suggestions along the way.   

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