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Process & Reflection

For the "making an LED blink" part of the exercise, I think it is quite straightforward by following the instructions. It took a bit of experiments and thinking through what should be changed in coding in the different exercises, as well as the circuit, but it helped me understand the coding and circuits better. 

"Making a Connected LED" took longer for me to figure out the coding. I had trouble with exercise 3 in connected LED particularly. I tried several ways in the coding to set up 2 functions on console; however, I wasn't able to control one LED through one function; whenever I try to control one LED through console, both LED will light up. In the end, it only worked when I use one function, and set up different "numbers" corresponding to different actions for particular LED, ex. type in 1 to turn on LED 1; type in 2 to turn on LED 2". I think there should be a better way of controlling the different LED remotely; with more experiments and knowledge in coding, I will probably be more familiar with it. 

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